Mommy Be Well: 14-Day Wellness Party

Saturday, May 9th - Sunday, May 22nd: Two-weeks of wellness, community, and supportive accountability. See details below.
Mommy Be Well: 14-Day Wellness Party

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Welcome to the Mommy Be Well 14-Day Wellness Party!

Wellness. Community. Accountability.

The 14-Day Wellness Party includes:

-Two-Week Workout, Meditation, & Healthy Habits Program personalized for you!

-Access to our private Mommy Be Well Facebook Group.

-Weekly check-ins with Coach Ayla for encouragement, accountability, & resources.

-Live (virtual) kick-off event!

-Live (virtual) group meditation.

-Live (virtual) cooking demo (recipe sent out in advance so that you can follow along).

-Live (virtual) final celebration event!

-Discount on wellness coaching package following the event.

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Questions?  Please email Ayla at:  

Schedule a 15-minute phone call to discuss event details and/or wellness coaching options.

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Registration: $75*/person

*Register with a friend and pay $50/person

Registration closes Monday, April 19th

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Testimonials from past Mommy Be Well Participants:

Ayla generously and sensitively encouraged me to envision my best well self and then provided an abundance of very useful resources to help me better blossom into that. The support from the community of moms she facilitates is heartfelt and healing.

.  .  .

Ayla's Mommy Be Well program was the perfect way to kick-start the new year. Ayla's responsiveness and positive energy as well as the group's support and camaraderie were a big help in returning to previous healthy habits that had been lost since the birth of our second child and in starting new ones. Thank you!

.  .  .

Ayla’s years of wellness practice, experience, and teaching are like a beacon. There are so many valid resources for wellness content these days that it can be overwhelming. In this course, Ayla clearly worked hard to provide fluidity to this content while creating such a safe warm community environment that made it easier to share and grow.

Thank you Ayla!

.  .  .

I very much enjoyed participating in the Mommy Be Well 14-Day Party. Ayla provided so many great resources in workouts, meditations and recipes, and in being a supportive and positive leader and coach. I enjoyed being part of the supportive group of moms who participated. This event helped me get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself as well as helped me identify what some of my current wellness goals are. I would love to participate in more events like this one in the future!

.  .  .

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Ayla Donlin's Mommy Be Well program. Ayla's integrative approach to health and wellness, combined with her caring and supportive nature, make it easy to follow her practical guidance. She is a wonderful source of information and has truly made a positive impact on my life.

.  .  .

Being a part of this group helped me see my social anxiety in a new way and I was able to open up about it, thanks to the kindness and openness of Ayla and the other moms in the group. Highly recommend this event!

.  .  .

Ayla's Mommy Be Well Program is great for all moms! Ayla provides so many resources on all the realms of wellness. Ayla is a kind and compassionate Mama who is filled with endless knowledge and an amazing mentor to all stages of mommyhood. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a sacred community of mamas looking for lifestyle change. Ayla is an angel on earth and is a gift to all she interacts with.

.  . .

Ayla's framework and regular check-ins helped me to make progress on my goal to build an exercise habit. She provided a wealth of information and resources to support us, and the community she built through the live calls and the Facebook group was the perfect extension for this workshop. Thank you, Ayla!

.  .  .

Time management is not my specialty when it comes to self care.

Mommy Be Well gave me a template and I found it very helpful to get myself going. Learning the practice of mediation was healing and just felt good! Having interactive workouts and recipes felt like a luxury! Ayla’s program and passion for wellness in all areas is doable and very encouraging in this stage of life with work and raising a toddler. It was a calm in the storm.

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