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Components of Fitness

Fitness plays a key role in our overall wellness for many reasons - living life fit positively affects both our physical and mental longevity.

Being fit does not have to mean spending hours in the gym.  There are many ways to move and stay fit.

I want to help you create a sustainable fitness routine that serves you best.

We can organize fitness into four major health-related components:

Cardiorespiratory Fitness: our ability to perform large muscle, dynamic movements for durations of 10+ minutes.

Muscular Fitness: our ability to perform maximal muscular contractions (strength) and to perform muscular contractions repeatedly over time (endurance). 

Flexibility:  our ability to move our joints through a full range of motion.

Body Composition:  our ratio of fat mass (visceral and subcutaneous fat) to lean mass (muscles, organs, bones).  Both exercise and nutrition influence our body composition.

A balanced fitness routine contains all components of fitness.  The frequency (how often), intensity (how hard), and time (how long) you exercise will depend on many factors. 

Let's work together to build a routine you are pumped about!

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