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Well Being

Boost Your Well-Being

As we seek to understand and improve our well-being, it is helpful to use an evidence-based framework.  I appreciate Martin Seligman's PERMA Theory of well-being.  The theory posits that there are five key elements that can help us define and measure our well-being: 

1. Positive Emotions

2. Engagement

3. Positive Relationships

4. Meaning

5. Achievement

Seligman and colleagues also acknowledge that our positive perceptions of our physical health are also critically important to our overall well-being, and that, as human beings, we will experience unpleasant elements of well-being as well (i.e. loneliness, anger, and sadness).

As we work together to boost your well-being, we will use the PERMA theory as a framework.  For example, there are simple and practical strategies we can use to boost each element of our well-being.  I will help you employ these strategies in your daily life.

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