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Wellness Coaching with Ayla

Wellness Coaching Includes:

All coaching programs are tailored based on client goals and may include:

-4-month fitness program: cardio, muscular fitness, and flexibility, tailored for you.

-4-month meditation program: daily meditations of 2 - 10 minutes.

-4-month healthy habit program: nutrition tracking, healthy sleep, stress management, mental/emotional wellness, social wellness, spiritual wellness, and more.

-Weekly accountability check ins

-Monthly 30-minute virtual coaching sessions

Schedule an initial consultation to view a sample 4-month wellness program.

An Overview of the Coaching Process:

Step One:  We schedule an initial consultation where I get to know you and your wellness goals.

Step Two:  I send you the Ayla Donlin Wellness New Client Welcome Packet.

Step Three:  You complete the New Client Welcome Packet and make your four month payment*.

*I require a minimum four month commitment from all of my clients.

Step Four:  We schedule your initial coaching session to review and finalize your wellness program.

I use the Trainerize application to manage all client programming and progress tracking. 

Trainerize is very user friendly, and I provide a tutorial at our first session.

Step Five:  You start your wellness program! 


Step Six: We check in weekly via the Trainerize app, and monthly via 30-minute virtual coaching session.

Step Seven:  You keep moving closer and closer to your wellness goals until you've achieved them!

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