Wellness Coaching with Ayla

Wellness Consultation (15-minutes)

One Month of Wellness Coaching

Three Months of Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching (30-minutes)

Step One:  You identify up to three top wellness goals/areas of wellness you would like to work on.

Step Two: Schedule a 15-minute consultation to discuss your wellness goal(s) with me.

Step Three: We work together to clearly define your top goal and start a road map toward goal achievement.

During the wellness coaching session, we will discuss your top wellness goal and will map out an action plan and time line for achieving your goal.

I will provide a written follow-up summary of your goal, action plan, timeline, and resources.

Four 30-minute coaching sessions (weekly); written coaching follow-up summaries (weekly); e-mail check in (weekly).

Session One:

-Identify top wellness goal, action plan, and timeline.

Sessions Two & Three:

-Review action plan and progress.  -Identify barriers/obstacles and create solutions. 

-Re-evaluate timeline as necessary. -Establish additional action steps (as necessary).

Session Four:

-Review action plan and progress.  -Discuss next steps toward goal achievement. 

-Discuss next wellness goal.

See One Month of Wellness Coaching

x Three Months

Client's choice: we can stay focused on one goal through achievement, or work on a different goal each month over the course of three months.

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