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Dear Lucy & Ruby: Energy is a Finite Resource

Dear Lucy & Ruby,

Energy is a Finite Resource

. . .

There will be seasons of life when you feel like you have more energy than you know what to do with.

There will be other seasons of life when you feel like your energy bank is empty.

There are too many factors that play into our energy cycles to cover them in this note.

Please know that no matter how super-human you feel in any given season, energy is a precious resource that must be protected and allocated with intention.


The more intentional you are with your energy, the more you will feel in alignment with your priorities and goals.

A really uncomfortable feeling is when you have given your energy away in non-priority areas of life and struggle to give the energy you want to the people, projects, and priorities you hold most dear.


I encourage you to do the work of getting clear on your priorities and re-visiting them often.

Further, check in with how you are spending your energy - do an energy audit and see if how you are spending your time and energy aligns with your priorities.

This seems really common sense; however, common sense is not always common practice, and we can drift away from our priorities pretty easily without realizing it. There are so many pulls on our time and energy.


If you notice that you are giving a lot of your energy away in non-priority areas of life, make a game plan to reallocate your energy in the directions you want it to be going.


Another topic for another note is how we can reframe when we do not have a choice but to give some energy chunks away in realms that we would rather not (i.e., homework assignments, projects at work, ending toxic relationships). I’ve got some tried and true tips that I will share when we get there.

I love you,



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