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Crunchy, Sweet, & Spicy Trailmix

I love creating new & unique trail mix blends for myself.

Here’s one I have been enjoying lately.

You’ll notice that I measure trail mix by handful.

⭐️CREATE: Ingredients & Instructions


-Handful of raw almonds

-Handful of raw cashews

-Handful of dried cherries

-Handful of Biena dried chickpeas of any flavor (my favs are sea salt, bbq, and habanero)

-Two handfuls of iWon protein puffs of any flavor (my favs are cheddar cheese, mesquite bbq, and sweet dijon)

*Note: You really can’t go wrong in selecting your flavor combos of the chickpeas and protein puffs. I like habanero chickpeas with sweet dijon protein puffs.


-Mix all ingredients together in bowl & enjoy!

➡️Serves one plus a hungry toddler who takes some whether or not mom wants to share.

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