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Get Free From the Comparison Trap

How much time and energy have you lost comparing yourself to others?

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➡️Get free from the comparison trap!

➡️Try these 3 strategies.

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Comparison is a natural human tendency, and, in social and academic settings, it is common practice.


Comparison can be a good thing if it is informative and/or motivating; however, many of us have made the common mistake of taking comparison too far and holding ourselves to impossible standards.


If comparison is leading you to questions/statements like…

“Why can’t I be as thin as she is?”

“Why haven’t I achieved as much career success as she has?”

“Why don’t I have a perfect family like she does?”

“I’m not fit enough.”

“I’m not energetic enough.”

“Why don’t I have it together like she does?”

…then, it’s time to get free from the comparison trap!!!


Let’s step out of the comparison spiral and step into a positive and uplifting internal dialogue.


Rather than spending your time and energy comparing yourself to others, try the following three strategies to lift yourself up:

  1. Identify an area of your life that you have grown or improved in. For example: “I have gotten so much better at planning out and sticking to my workout routine! I’m so much more consistent than I used to be!”

  2. Identify a personal quality or characteristic that you are proud of. For example: “I am really good at listening to my family and friends and understanding their needs.”

  3. Establish a positive personal statement! For example: “I am proud of the woman I am and the woman I continue to become. I work hard, and I am committed to my path!”

⭐️Onward and upward, free from comparison, empowered by personal progress!⭐️

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