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Healthy Habits: What They Are Not

You can get fit without spending hours a day working out, and you can eat healthy without being hungry all the time.

You can build healthy habits that work for you.

➡️Sometimes in order to know what healthy habits are, it is helpful to start with what they are not:

❌Getting Fit is not spending 2+ hours working out everyday and pushing your body so hard that you are sore and fatigued all the time.

🚫Getting Fit is not forcing yourself to constantly perform exercise that you do not enjoy.

❌Eating Healthy is not significantly restricting calories and being in a constant state of hunger.

🚫Eating Healthy is not making lists of “good” and “bad” foods and only eating food from the “good” list.

. . .

➡️Many of us have probably fallen victim to these misconceptions.

. . .

✅We have the power to clearly define and then live out what healthy habits look like for us!


⭐️The beauty is that healthy habits are going to look different for each of us.


💪The power is in finding what your healthy habits looks like.


💛The joy is in living those healthy habits out, consistently.

. . .

If you would like support in mapping out what your healthy habits looks like and in developing a game plan to live them out, please message me to set up a call.

I’d love to support you!


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