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Wellness Coaching - what is it, and why might it benefit me?

What is wellness coaching, and why might it benefit me?

Whether you are familiar with the idea of wellness coaching or not, I’d like to take a few minutes to explain how I interpret wellness coaching and the client-coach relationship.

We are often moving toward wellness goals, or at least have wellness goals floating around in our head.

Any of these sound familiar?

“I’d like to get more sleep.”

“I’d like to feel more organized.”

“I’d like to prep my meals in advance so that I have healthier options available.”

“I’d really like to exercise more and/or be more consistent with my exercise.”

“I’d really like to connect more meaningfully with my family.”

“I’d really like to know how to feel less stressed and anxious all the time.”

Because we are human, we do not always start moving toward a goal we would like to or stick with our goal pursuit (for various reasons). This can be a frustrating cycle - having a goal, but either not being able to get started and/or not being able to stick with it.

A wellness coach can help break that cycle! Simply the act of seeking out the support of a wellness coach moves you closer to your goal!

As a wellness coach, I view my role as supporting you in defining and refining your wellness goal(s). Then, with you leading the way, we build out a sustainable action plan and road map that moves you forward in pursuit of your goal.

As you live out your action plan, I serve as an accountability partner and resource. Inevitably, barriers and obstacles will arise, and when they do, we will work together, again with you leading the way, to develop systems to overcome barriers/obstacles.

To achieve a wellness goal, and to live a healthy lifestyle, consistency is key. A wellness coach helps support and sustain your consistency by providing regular check-ins and accountability.

I believe the wellness coaching relationship should be client-centered and client-driven for optimal results. Each client will have different goals, different motivations, and different methods of goal pursuit. My role is to get to know you well enough to provide the type of coaching and support that you need.

Whether your wellness goal is related to fitness, nutrition, well-being, sleep, and/or stress management, I am confident we can work together to clearly define and refine your goal, map out an action plan, overcome obstacles, and create a sustainable goal pursuit.

If you have questions about wellness coaching and/or are interested in wellness coaching with me, please visit my website: and schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation. I would appreciate the opportunity to get to know you and to learn more about your goals.


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