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What does it mean to be well?

What does it mean to be well? Let’s spend a little time thinking about that question.

Being well will look (and should look) different for most everyone.

Explore your answer to “what does it mean to be well?” by:

1. Identifying your priorities: What do you value the most in life? List your top 3-5 priorities. In order to feel well, you will need to create time for these top priorities. We feel most well when what we value aligns with how we spend our resources.

2. Taking care of your body, mind, & spirit: Set yourself up to exercise regularly, eat healthfully, and restore your energy. Not sure where to start? I would love to help - this is my jam!

3. Imagining the outcome: Pull up in your mind an image of yourself at your most well. What does that look like, feel like? How are you spending your time and energy? Who are you spending time with? Try to paint as specific of a picture as possible, and then summarize the picture into one sentence. For example, mine is: I am well rested, in a healthy eating rhythm, and prioritizing time for family, meditation, and exercise.

Once you’ve taken some time to imagine yourself at your most well, please share the sentence you came up with in the comments below. And, just in case you are hesitant to share, please know that it’s cool to take care of yourself and prioritize wellness and what you share might help others. :)

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