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3 P's of Nutrition: Planning, Preparing, & Playing

Planning, preparing, and playing support a consistent and sustainable nutrition routine.

Planning: Do you plan out your nutrition on a daily or weekly basis? Planning ahead provides so many advantages to staying on track with our nutritional goals. We can plan a meal and snack schedule that ensures we are consuming the macronutrient (carb, protein, and fat) distribution ideal for our lifestyle. We can also plan out portion sizes and timing so that we don’t get over hungry and either over eat or eat things we know are not ideal as a result. Planning ahead also allows us to be more efficient and economical with our grocery shopping.

Preparing: Do you prep any of your food in advance? Prepping batches of rice, quinoa, and other grains allows for quicker meal readiness. Washing and chopping veggies and fruit so that they are readily available makes us more likely to consume them.

A simple preparation strategy is to organize your kitchen in a way that makes healthier options more readily available (i.e. in eye site and ready to eat) and less healthy options less accessible (i.e. out of site and further back in the cabinet).

Playing: Do you enjoy planning and preparing your food? Finding ways of making the planning and preparation process fun make it more likely we will do it! Try putting on your favorite playlist or podcast. Include the folks you are sharing your food with in the process - ask them to help you plan and prep. Brainstorm ways of making the process fun and enjoyable. I like to have spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen with my 2 year old.

Planning, preparing, and playing promote a consistent and sustainable nutrition routine that supports our healthy lifestyle goals! Enjoy the 3 P’s of Nutrition!

If you would like some support in getting started, please reach out - I’d love to be of help!

I am hosting Workshop III of my Wellness Reset Workshop Series on July 29th from 12 pm - 1 pm PDT. We will discuss the 3 P’s of Nutrition while I provide a live cooking demo. For more information and to RSVP, please visit: and/or click here:

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