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Meditation 101: Building Your Own Practice

Routine. Environment. Mindset.

Meditation 101: Building your own practice

I am a fan of simplicity, and for a specific reason - I have found that the simpler we can make a complex task/action/habit, the more likely we are to sustain it.

If you are interested in establishing your own meditation practice, I invite you to use the simple acronym: R.E.M.

R - Routine

E - Environment

M - Mindset

Routine. We are habitual beings. As such, behaviors require repetition in order to become lifestyle patterns. Build your meditation into your day as a part of your routine. Try incorporating meditation into your morning routine or your bedtime routine. If you do better mid-day, then perhaps working a short meditation into your lunch break is the best option. Find a routine that serves you best. Start small (1-3 minutes), and build up.

Environment. Select an environment with minimal distractions - somewhere you can tune in to your body and mind and be present with what is. Ambient and even routine noise is all good (maybe even ideal to build the resilience of your focus), but an environment with likely distractions or interruptions (i.e. a place with heavy foot traffic) is non ideal.

Mindset. Aim to approach your practice with an open and curious mind. This is not easy to do consistently. Try to imagine that each day is the first day you have ever meditated. Be open to what is going to happen that day. Do not let any expectations of what may (or may not) happen during meditation get in the way. If you notice your mind getting “stuck”, gently let go, and use your breath to refocus your attention. Counting your breaths, “I am breathing in 1”, “I am breathing out 1”, may help.

I'd love to help you get started with your meditation routine and share additional resources with you. More information like this will be provided during my Wellness Reset Workshop Series.

Are you ready to hit the reset button and start some fresh new wellness habits and/or elevate your current wellness practice? How about some support and accountability from a positive community looking to do the same?

I am offering a FREE Wellness Reset Workshop Series (virtual, of course)!

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Topics covered:

Each Session: Goal setting - identifying your top wellness goal and mapping out an action plan to achieve it.

Please reach out with any questions! I look forward to seeing you soon. :)

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