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Kale-Cherry Protein Smoothie

Enjoy this sweet, tangy, and creamy smoothy!

Did you ever think that kale and cherries would make a perfect pair??? Well, they do!

And, did you know that cherries can decrease inflammation?

Enjoy this sweet, tangy, and creamy smoothie.

-1 cup Silk Protein Nut Milk

-1/2 cup Oat Milk

-1 tsp Amazing Grass - Collagen Booster

-1 tsp Amazing Grass - Grass & Shrooms Powder

-1 scoop Vega Sport Protein Powder (Chocolate or Vanilla)

-3/4 cup kale (shredded)

-3/4 cup frozen cherries

-ice (to the thickness you like)


. . . . . . .


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